Fairview Gets Rid of the Pollutants Lurking in Your Air Ducts

How clean is your ductwork? If you don’t know, then there are likely a multitude of pollutants such as dirt, pollen, and animal dander lingering in your ductwork and contaminating the air of your home or business. Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning offers a thorough air duct cleaning that will allow you to breathe easier!

What Germs Are Inside Your Ducts?

Most of us take care to clean and disinfect the parts of our home that we can see, such as kitchen surfaces, because we don’t want to touch germs. We can’t see germs in the air and dirty ductwork is a breeding ground for many harmful elements, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Fungi

Choosing Fairview to perform your ductwork cleaning will help eliminate these harmful pollutants and keep your air cleaner and healthier.

Why Choose Us

When you choose Fairview to clean your ductwork, you can expect a complete cleaning process including:

  • Inspection of all air ducts
  • Removal, cleaning and reinstalling all registers and grills
  • Use of high powered HEPA equipment to vacuum your ducts

Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving customers in the Oakley, CA area since 1988, so our licensed and insured technicians have the experience necessary to provide an expert air duct cleaning. We provide prompt and professional ductwork cleaning service at a reasonable price, and look forward to earning your referrals and future business.

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