Install a Whole House Electronic Air Cleaner to Clean Your Breathable Air

Indoor air pollution is ranked one of the top five environmental health risks. Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning can help you clean your air by installing an electronic air cleaner for your home or business. Unlike other air purification systems, an electronic air cleaner carries millions of airborne pollutants to the return air ducts of your heating and cooling system, and then destroys them by literally electrocuting them.

Advantages of Electronic Air Cleaners

There are many benefits to installing an electronic air cleaner. This air cleaning technology offers advantages over some of the more traditional air purification methods, including:

  • Less Expensive: Electronic air cleaners use less energy than a 40 watt light bulb. The also operate with low airflow resistance, which helps reduce the operating cost of your heating and cooling system.
  • Earth Friendly: Filters can be washed and reused, rather than thrown away.
  • Superior Air Quality: Studies show that electronic air cleaners can produce cleaner air than many of the other air purifiers.

Why Choose Us

Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning has been improving air quality for our customers since 1988, and our technicians are indoor air quality experts. We will install your electronic whole house air cleaner in a prompt and professional manner that gives you the clean, healthy air you are looking for. We look forward to serving you in a way that makes Fairview your “go to” for all of your future heating, cooling, and air quality needs.

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