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Heating & air conditioning systems are vital to the everyday function of your home & business. They not only provide shelter in times of extreme temperature, but also regulate the climate on a smaller scale every single day. With something that’s depended upon so heavily, you need a service company that has the knowledge and experience to make sure it’s always working to the best of its ability. Fairview Heating & Air conditioning provides the highest quality controlled climate services.

We Services & Repair all Brands and Models!

New Installations

While repairs and maintenance are a proven way to extend the life of your system, there come times when those aren’t always options. You may need a new or replacement system if:

  • You are a new home buyer
  • Your system is over ten years old
  • There have been multiple repairs and modifications to your system
  • There’s been a noticeable decline in your unit’s effectiveness

When you need to install or replace your heating & cooling equipment, Fairview can configure a new system your home’s unique setup to provide maximum efficiency and system life.


Full system replacement doesn’t always have to be your only option. Often times, a unit’s performance can be improved greatly by repair service. The technicians at Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning have the information and skills you need to make sure your system is restored to peak performance, even in an emergency. Call Fairview if you experience:

  • Abnormal sounds or odors coming from equipment
  • Inconsistent temperatures & thermostat issues
  • Unexplained energy costs
  • Unresponsive equipment


The key to avoiding repairs and replacement is a well-maintained system. When you invest in routine maintenance, you’ll receive the benefit of:

  • Prolonged system life
  • Warranty compliance
  • Long-term energy savings
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Reduced number of repairs needed

Experience the Fairview Difference:

With every visit from Fairview, you’ll experience:

  • Free estimates on equipment replacements

  • The safest work environment possible

  • A 10-year quality pledge & warranty on new equipment only

Don’t wait until it’s too late – a visit from Fairview will ensure that you’ll enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home for years to come. For a free service estimate, email or call us at (925) 625-4963.

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Fairview will ensure that you’ll enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home for years to come. For a free hvac estimate call us at (925) 625-4963 today.
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