Fairview Helps You Purify Your Air

While your home’s HVAC system provides comfortable temperatures, running it actually pollutes the indoor air in your home or business. Adding a whole house air purifier makes your indoor air cleaner by removing:

  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Pesticides
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Odors

Get A Guardian Air Purifier Installed from Fairview

One of our most popular air purifiers is called Guardian Air. While other systems are passive systems which only clean air that passes through the filter, Guardian Air is an active system. This means that it generates oxidizers that actually travel through the air, killing germs before they have a chance to spread. In an independent sneeze test, Guardian Air was proven to kill 78% of the bacteria within three feet of the sneeze. Fairview customers who choose a Guardian Air purifier will enjoy cleaner, healthier air in their homes.

Why Choose Us?

Do you have questions about the quality of air in your home or business? The licensed technicians at Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning are indoor air quality experts, and would be happy to help determine the air purifier that cleans your air for a reasonable price. We look forward to serving you in a prompt and professional manner that makes us your “go to” for all of your future heating, cooling, and air quality needs.

  • Free estimates on equipment replacements

  • The safest work environment possible

  • A 10-year quality pledge & warranty on new equipment only

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