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American Pride Series Maintenance Plan

Fairview’s American Pride Maintenance Club Membership

Fairview is the exclusive retailer of the American Pride Series and we have made available an exclusive, regularly-scheduled maintenance plan available only for people that have purchased American Pride Series equipment! We’ll make 2 trips to your home, one in the spring for A/C maintenance and one in the fall for Furnace maintenance.

If you have not already signed up for this great plan, call us today at 925-625-4963 !

American Pride Series Plan

Providing You With A Complete, Ultimate Tune-N-Check

Our semi-annual service, as described below, provides maintenance for your heating or air conditioning equipment during the associated season, which includes:

  • Furnace Precision Tune-up includes:
  • Inspection of furnace and heat exchanger.
  • Test airflow for carbon monoxide.
  • Test ignition system for safe and proper operation.
  • Test safety and control circuits for proper operation.
  • Test exhaust system for proper venting.
  • Lubricate and clean exhaust blower motor/air vents.
  • Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency.
  • Lubricate all moving parts- per manufacture.
  • Measure amperage and voltage of blower motor.
  • Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring.
  • Seal minor air leaks at furnace.
  • Test for gas leaks.
  • Wipe down furnace exterior.
  • Test capacitors for proper operation.
  • Measure temperature difference- supply/return.
  • Inspect and adjust fan belt tension (if applicable.)
  • Calibrate and level t-stat.
  • Replace t-stat batteries at time of visit if needed.
  • Brush clean heat exchanger- open style only.
  • Test furnace burner for proper flame pattern.
  • A/C Precision Tune-N-Check includes:
  • Monitor operating pressures of refrigerant.
  • Test contractor for burned or pitted contacts.
  • Inspect electrical for exposed wiring.
  • Monitor compressor for proper start-up, amperage draw, running amperage draw, voltage drop and wiring connections.
  • Calibrate, program and level t-stat.
  • Monitor volts/amps on fan/motor.
  • Lubricate and inspect bearing for wear.
  • Inspect indoor coil, if accessible style.
  • Test safety devices for proper operation.
  • Inspect disconnect box for proper fuse ratings and signs of burnt terminals.
  • Tighten all electrical connections in disconnect and AC unit.
  • Test capacitors for proper operation.
  • Test fan blade for balance; Remove debris from outside of AC unit.
  • Test service valves for proper operation.
  • Measure temperature difference between supply/return.
  • Inspection of A/C blower and motor in furnace.
  • Seal minor air leaks at A/C evaporator coil.
  • 4" or 5" disposable filter change once per year. (All other filters are an additional charge, does not include washing EAC filters).
  • Preferred Customer Phone Number to call us on for other services.
  • 15% off all repairs!
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