Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning’s American Pride Series

“Climates vary dramatically across the country, and manufacturers tend to build one-size-fits-all products. Our conditions are unique enough that we decided to design a system specifically for our East County climate, and we worked with manufacturers to produce a product to our specification.”
– Robert Conner, President of Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning

With the American Pride Series, there are no contractor incentive trips and there is no national advertising. The reduced overhead costs result in lower priced, better quality systems for our customers.

This new line of air conditioners and furnaces are available exclusively through Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning. For more information on special introductory pricing, or a complementary analysis of your home, contact Fairview Heating & Air Conditioning at (925) 625-4963.

Why select our American Pride Series equipment

  • All American Pride Series equipment is assembled in the United States by the world’s largest manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment.
  • Warranties- Lifetime A/C compressor and Heat Exchanger warranty from the Manufacture on most models, 10 year parts warranty on all parts of all A/C’s and Furnaces from the manufacturer, 10 year extended labor warranty on all A/C’s and Furnaces from the manufacture.
  • In addition to the above warranties, we include a full 10 year replacement warranty of the failed unit, if compressor fails or the coil leaks refrigerant we remove and replace the complete indoor coil or outdoor unit not just repair it as covered under the manufacture warranty and this applies to all models. Twice yearly maintenance agreement is required.
  • Perks of the American Pride maintenance agreement, include changing the air filter twice a year for 1″ filters or once a year for 4″ & 5″ filters. Never a dispatch (service) fee, priority dispatching, dedicated 800 call in number.
  • If you decide you don’t want to continue the twice yearly maintenance (first year is included in price) than the warranty will revert back to the standard extended factory warranty of 10 years parts and labor for repairs. To retain the replacement warranty we must do the yearly maintenance as required by the factory.

Note: These warranties only apply to our American Pride Series units installed by us and not to any other brand.